Amidst the thick folds of the social world, how do you claim and sustain your mark? It can be pretty frustrating, we know. 

With so many tools and apps, and so much competition, what tactics should you implement to promote the growth of your business?

There is just too much information on these social media platforms. Media isn’t what it used to be anymore. A decade ago, making a brand and getting it recognized used to be hard. 

People didn’t use social media back then and businesses relied on conventional forms to promote their business.

Now, the game is different. There’s much more competition from established brands. And social media plays a huge role in promoting the brand. 

If you are new to the world of social media and are panicking over how to mark your place, then don’t. We discuss a few tips and tricks that help businesses grow through social media marketing.

So, roll up your sleeves and start taking notes.

Choosing the Right Platform

Big businesses are everywhere. On billboards, magazines, brochures, and even social media. 

Using every social media platform by these brands is justifiable. They have a name, they can afford it, and they need to be everywhere. But you have a small business. You do not need to have every social media platform to promote your small business. 

Let’s have a look at the generic social media platforms and discuss each of them individually. 


Home to 3 billion people, Facebook is without doubt the most used social media platform. With that said, is it a good option for growing your business?

The answer is yes. Although the recent change in the algorithm of the platform has made it difficult for business owners to grow their businesses. Nonetheless, Facebook remains one of the most advantageous social media platforms.

Facebook gives business owners the option of paid promotions. Which means you have to pay to promote a product on your website. This is very useful especially when you want to grow your business in the local market. These ads are targeted at a smaller audience based in the locality, which increases the chance of consumers buying your product. 


Owned by Facebook, Instagram is another great option that holds the potential for boosting your business through visuals. Initially, Instagram was home to only pictures. As time progressed, it has become home to videos, carousels, and so much more. 

Instagram is used to boost your business through visual means. Captivating captions and eye-turning posts are the way to do it. Your captions matter here. 

The description, the hashtags, every element matter a lot. Hashtags determine reach, which is necessary for building an audience. 

Apart from all this, Instagram also has the option of paid promotions, like Facebook. All you have to do is monitor your insights over Facebook, and see which post is doing well. 

After that, promote it. The algorithms then target audiences within the business’s vicinity, and this paves the way for prospective clients. 


You might think Twitter is just about tweets, but it’s a very powerful tool when it comes to social media marketing. Businesses looking for straightforward announcements that urge people to buy from their business should use Twitter. 

This social media is great for beginners. Easy to install and use, and it doesn’t even demand special content like images and graphics. Just say what you have to say and promote your business! 


While this platform might not be the cliché social media, it proves to be very useful for building connections with other small and big businesses.

If you need to get in touch with a company’s marketing director, or with a sales executive, chances are you’ll find them easily here. So make sure to pop by and see what’s happening. 


Pinterest is like a bottled-down version of Instagram. It thrives solely on photos, and unlike Instagram, you cannot comment or connect with people here. 

This platform is great if you just want people to see pictures of your business and get followed. 


YouTube has changed tremendously over the years. It has become home to many bloggers and home-based people and is a great source of income for them if the videos are monetized.  

It is not like your generic social media app but is used widely by people. The community on YouTube actively responds to videos. Therefore, it is a stunning place to post videos promoting your business and get instant and honest feedback. 

Fill Out Your Full Profile

Any business needs to prove that it’s authentic so the customers have satisfaction. This is a social media basic. Your profile should be complete with no anomalies to get the most out of it. 

You might have noticed that social media links are the first to pop up when you search for any small business. So, when you provide full information about your business on a social media platform, you’ll rank better in Google searches. 

Here are a few other steps to increase your business’s visibility over web browsers. 

List Your Business

Appearing on Google search listings is crucial for any small business. The key here is to use a consistent domain name across all your URLs.

Therefore, using a single handle across all social media platforms proves to be of great advantage here. Especially if you have a unique name, making the most of this technique will be very beneficial for boosting your business. 

Choose an Appropriate Logo

A logo that stands out and distinguishes your business from others in the fraternity is crucial. A logo becomes your brand’s identity. It should be captivating and fit every social media platform’s profile picture.

Your cover image is also an important aspect. Most people like minimalist things in the cover image. It provides sufficient information which is executed in a very simplified manner. 

This makes the look of the whole profile visually appealing. 

Introduce Yourself on the Bio Section

The top section of your social media page is the first thing visitors see when they land on your business page. 

It should contain contact information, what your business is about, a website link if you have one for your business, and anything else that may be important.

 Social media might be the first thing people go to before visiting the website of your brand. So always make sure it’s up to date with accurate information. 

Increase your Following

Increasing the number of followers on your social media account shouldn’t be your only goal.

Following other small businesses that fall under the same category as yours promotes healthy competition. 

It also helps you to monitor how other businesses are doing on social media. 

Engage with Followers

Engaging with your followers over social media sparks a sense of warmth and care in them. 

Little things like replying to comments and interacting with followers help you to understand the community over the internet. 

This can also help you to gather some insight and suggestions from your followers. Holding polls on your stories, or counting down the launch of a new product instills interest in your followers. 

Plan Out Content for an Entire Week

Many tools allow you to plan and post content over social media in advance. 

Facebook Creator Studio is an excellent platform to manage your posts check insights and messages, and much more all in one place. 

Content is one of the most important factors in social media marketing. If you have content that repels, how do you expect the audience to like your business?

Content that drives attention should be the goal of your social media page. This can be achieved by strategies like coming up with a specific hashtag that is unique to your business.

Hashtags that promote the reach of your post are also very helpful. 


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