In today’s fast-paced era, you require top customer relationship management software. These hold the ability to drive more traffic to your business websites and track your progress. After all, the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction no matter how big or small your business is. 

So, to encourage more sales through strategic methods CRM software pay a huge role. Also know that you’re competitors make use of CRM, so it’s high time you do too. Especially when your enterprise or small business is not good at handling customers, CRM software will rescue you. 

The reason why you need CRM software is that customer data can be easily retained and extracted from here. It acts as a data warehouse, where all the stored data is manipulated in a way that helps you to grow your business. 

CRM software comes with a set of tools aimed at each user. They focus on what your business needs, and what the customer needs. This helps your business to develop a personal relationship with your clients or customers. 

In this guide, we go through a list of the 10 best CRM software that will help your business evolve. 

This List includes the Following CRM Software:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Apptivo CRM
  • Freshworks CRM
  • Insightly
  • Agile CRM
  • Redtail CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • Vtiger Sales CRM

Let’s dive in and choose the best CRM customized for your business needs. 

HubSpot CRM


HubSpot is one of the most enticing and captivating CRM out there. This software is great for small businesses for several reasons. Small businesses are often based locally, and their target audience is people who fall under a certain locality. 

This software gathers data for the people in the specified area and notes down their shopping trends and patterns. These are mapped to present an optimal strategy for your business sales. 

The software includes a premium model as well that comes with a range of stunning add-ons. The advantages associated with the software are many. It has a free basics version with an easy to install interface.

It also includes automated emails sent to customers. This feature is the basis for digital marketing for any small business. 

The only downside is the extra features come at a cost. 

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Starting a stellar price of $19 per month. This CRM software focuses on a bunch of things on your website. Your website’s landing page and lead management figures are analyzed. The amount of time spent on each webpage by every customer is analyzed. 

How they move across the sales funnel is also noted. This helps to analyze the funnel at each step and whether the customer will buy anything. 

After evaluating all the data, a suitable model for the design is made. A basic plan is a great option for any business out there. 

They offer 360 degrees view of contact interaction, and powerful insights, the CRM software also adapts to every screen’s interface, making UX and UI better. 

The disadvantage is that uploading Comma-delimited files is hard if you want to manually input data. 

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM blog image

This software is one of the cheapest out there, making it great for small businesses or startups. They offer a range of flexible options and provide add-ons for small businesses.

These add-ons aim to motivate businesses to consistently work on their UX (user experience). 

Advantages associated are:

  • An enticing User Interface
  • Stunning help and support
  • Customizes to mobile screens well

Since 70% of website traffic comes from mobile users, your website must have a good interface on the screen as well. 

The downsides are that the basics reporting features are a handful for new users. 

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM blog image

Apptivo is an all-rounder when it comes to CRM software. The software ticks the list for most SMBs required. It comes with a range of powerful features aimed at increasing organic traffic on your website. 

The tools here round up data on your website’s server and the incoming traffic. Then a devised strategy helps you get more leads and grow your business. The add-ons and many other features come at a very affordable price tag. 

The user interface is intuitive, making it an excellent option for all the newbies out there. The feature set is customized to your liking. The software also offers many mobile-based applications like granular security controls and 24/7 customer support. 

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM blog featured image

This CRM is more than a lead database. It focuses on developing a healthy relationship between the consumer and the provider. 

Fresh works focuses on every tiny detail of CRM. They provide insight on progress reports, automated emails, customer support for your business, and help users to come up with great ideas for their business. 

The software targets large companies looking to keep their salespeople intact. It helps them to visualize the ups and downs of your team and keep them focused on the main goal. 

It comes at an affordable price and is a great option for startups looking to turn big. The platform provides a lot of value for money. The pricing is very economical and it also comes with a long free trial period to test out before buying any package. 

The Freshworks CRM has a very user-friendly interface. Your progress is shown on the dashboard with everything scheduled like your appointments and goals. Navigating through the website is also very simple. 


Insightl blog image

Insightly is a CRM intended for working on streamlining your business and helping it prosper. Its scope of marketing apparatuses is great. It also includes many automated features that save your time and your team’s time too so you focus on the more important stuff. 

Tragically, the best advertising highlights come at higher packages. Some application-based features report to consistently break. Nonetheless, those issues are more than offset by a fabulous help group who are available to help you at every step. 

The software includes dozens of fantastic features whether you own an enterprise business or a small one. It also includes a free plan for anyone looking for a permanent solution. 

Agile CRM

Agile CRM blog image

This CRM aims at improving statistical value for small and medium-sized enterprises. Cloud storage backs up all the data from your website. This makes it easier to back up your data and never lose it. 

The data incorporates every detail like the sales procedure, shopping trends, social media engagement, customer service, marketing, and much more. Everything is stored in one place so it becomes easy to archive.

The software ranges at different pricing levels, each customizable to your business’s needs. Although the customization and automated features need to improve, importing data is seamless. 

Redtail CRM

Redtail CRM blog image

Redtail CRM is another CRM that tops the list.  It exceeds everyone’s expectations effortlessly rather than attempting to lure the client with features that don’t even exist.

This CRM might not have a plethora of features and add-ons, but it is a stunning option for small businesses looking to optimize each web page on their website. 

Nevertheless, the basic CRM package is more than enough to put together and manage all your business endeavors.

The downsides are that the software does not cater to free workshops, extensive features, and add-ons, a more strong and portable application, and some extra customization choices.

However, it includes a lot of other features that are necessary to give an insight into business analytics. 

These include 24/7 customer service, contact information, a customizable dashboard that holds everything, and email archiving. 


Pipedrive blog image

Pipedrive is great for private ventures or a team of marketing people. The user interface is simple with a wide range of tools that get the best outcome for your business. Apart from the extensive add-ons, this CRM comes in at a reasonable cost. 

The advantage for salespeople is that this CRM is designed by a team of salespeople. Therefore, it is an optimal choice for business owners who work in teams and look for a place to share and store ideas. 

Despite the great value packages, you cannot avail the software for a lifetime. Additionally, the client assistance is 24/7, making it an excellent choice. The feature set may not be extensive, but it comes with a lot of other perks, especially the price point. 

Vtiger Sales CRM

Vtiger Sales CRM blog image

This software aims to smooth out the correlation between the client, server, and consumer. The organized data helps in getting the most strategic outcome. This software also includes automated features such as emails and freebies that spike interest in the consumer. 

Vtiger is a great CRM software for business owners who want to save time. Vtiger also has a trial version that can upgrade if the features are in line with your needs.

The features include a customizable module over the dashboard, excellent value for the price, and a user-friendly interface. 

The advantages exceed the downsides, thus it is an optimal choice for solo entrepreneurs.