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Pinterest – the Ultimate Platform for Sharing Pictures

Pinterest is kind of a social media platform. Being the 14th largest sharing platform, it’s a great place for sharing your experiences. 

It’s different from Instagram and Facebook as you can’t use it as a source to communicate with people via text or call. But you can communicate through images. Posting anything you find fascinating is what Pinterest is all about. 

Your pin could be a motivational quote or joke. It could be a picture of yourself or nature. If you feel stressed or anxious, head over to Pinterest to unwind a bit. Trust us; it works like a dream!

Setting up a Business on Pinterest

Want to know how you can promote or set up your business on Pinterest? If yes, then keep reading!

Do you see ads or pins about someone’s business running successfully on Pinterest? Do you wish that was you too? 

It’s pretty easy to get your business more recognition through Pinterest. Start by knowing what you want to sell and how to sell that product. Don’t take on more than what you can handle; start small and gradually turn it bigger. 

Make sure the quantity and quality of your product are top-notch. If not, you might want to re-think your strategy. Investing time in your business is key. 

Know your audience. See what people are into and make an informed decision. Standing out from the crowd is hard in today’s era, but a unique idea executed with consistency can prove to be a great hit. 

Discussing Where to Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads are a great way to boost your business’s attention. 

You can categorize your business into parts based on different age groups or interests. Pinterest ads are based on what people search for most. 

For example, if someone is into cooking and is always looking for recipes or new cooking gadgets on Pinterest, your ad will pop up on their homepage. This might help you increase sales. 

Make sure the pins for your business can be easily searched. Add frequently used keywords to make your product come up on homepages. 

Pinterest breaks down the type of ads you can use for your business campaigns. Here, we list the five basic ad types that everyone should be familiar with. 

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1. Video Pins

These pins are a great way to get a personalized message across. Video pins are great for garnering more attention from your target audience. 

Statistical research shows that about 53% of the audience is likely to buy products after coming across a video pin. 

Make short videos, reels, slideshows, and anything you want to promote your product. Add subtitles or text to cater to the audience who watch videos without any sound. This will help you increase sales due to an engaged audience. 

2. Standard Pins

This pin type is the most popular among people who use Pinterest. 

Statistics show that over 83% of people in the US make weekly purchases based on standard pins by brands. Hence, if you’re a business owner, boosting certain pins will surely increase your sales. 

This type of Pinterest pin gives you the liberty to present your products in a simple and understandable format. 

After you increase the visibility of your pin, the user who comes across it might save it to their Pinterest board. This will make the “promotion” label disappear, turning the pin into an organic search

Standard pins are great for increasing conversion rates on your website. A user just has to tap on the pin, which would lead them to the product on your website. 

Lastly, keep in mind certain factors that may affect the quality of your Pinterest pin. 

3. Carousel Pins

These are just like standard pins. The only difference is you can add multiple cards in a single pin, from which the user can swipe through. 

Carousel pins on Pinterest allow you to add 2 to 5 cards in a single pin. The advantage of this is that each card contains different information. So, for instance, you have multiple products that fall under the same category, you can use a carousel pin.

These pins pop up on the explore page like standard pins. These pins allow for a greater image resolution and a more adaptive aspect ratio. 

4. App Install Pins

These pins are based on the sales funnel concept and a single Call-to-action, which means a single click, and you’ll install an app on your device. 

It is a valuable tool for app developers as users are likely to download from a pin directly. 

5. Shopping Pins

These pins are ideal when you want to upload shoppable products. Brands can use this Pinterest pin to boost the sale of their products. The main idea behind this is to highlight the specific details for each product offered by the brand. 

These pins contain indicators that the users can tap on to view more information for the product. 

Promoting Yourself on Different Platforms 

Try to increase your reach on other platforms and promote your business.

Spread the reach of your account through people around you. Make sure your page is colorful and attractive. Adding a fun element such as memes is a great trick to boost your audience. 

Focus on visual promotion, especially on Pinterest. Because this platform is more about displaying a story through a picture rather than just writing captions. 

Other than this, collaborating with a celebrity or influencer helps you reach a bigger audience. 

To sum everything up, Pinterest is a great way to increase your business revenue. Playing around with different Pinterest pins and eventually finding the best one for your business can be a hard job.

But, once you get your way around this, promoting your business won’t be a big deal.  learn more[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]